How to know symptoms of thyroid? : There are many such changes in the body, which we take lightly at first and later these indicate to us some serious diseases, such as thyroid should be taken. The thyroid problem is also similar.

How to know symptoms of thyroid?-Thyroid

This leads to this serious disease from a common physical problem and it is too late till we understand it. Often we do not detect the symptoms of thyroid in the initial stage and later on its symptoms lead us to the condition of hypothyroid or hyperthyroid.

Thyroid present in our body is a gland that helps metabolism. The problem is due to more or fewer levels of hormones T3, T4, and TSH present in it. If you are experiencing these symptoms, it may indicate an issue with thyroid for you.

How to know symptoms of thyroid?


When a thyroid problem arises, one starts feeling tired and lethargic. He becomes lethargic. The main reason for this is the lack of energy in the body and the lack of energy in the body is due to the non-production of hormones in the thyroid gland.


People suffering from thyroid start having problems related to the digestive system, due to which they have to face problems in digesting food and when food is not digested then it is sure to cause constipation problems.

3.Joint pain

Along with fatigue, thyroid patients feel pain in joints like the knees, waist, neck. They start having physical as well as mental problems. Because of which the person also reaches a state of tension.

4.Dry skin

Cells above the skin of people suffering from thyroid start decreasing, ie skin dead. Due to which their skin starts dry, white and appears dry. Along with this, there are some marks on their body.


How to know symptoms of thyroid?- COLD

The most obvious symptom of the thyroid is cold. This is not a common cold, but a little different. Due to which the person is very upset and it does not heal quickly.

6.Hair Fall

One of the typical symptoms of the thyroid is hair fall. In this disease, they are at risk of baldness. Apart from this, the hair of their eyebrows starts falling. This condition reaches a critical stage.


How to know symptoms of thyroid? - Depression

Because anxiety and stress are important in the mind due to thyroid problems, depression is also a symptom of the other biggest disease arising due to anxiety. In this situation the person neither feels like doing any work nor does he feel like sharing with anyone. Also, putting more pressure on the brain, it reduces the ability to think and memory.


8.Decreased immunity

There is also a possibility of white blood cells in the person’s body in a thyroid problem. Due to which their body is at risk of infection with other diseases. Also, due to the weakening of the immune system, it affects their ability to fight against diseases.

9.Trouble eating food

Due to the swelling in the throat of the person suffering from thyroid, he starts to have pain while eating. Because of this, such people are unable to eat properly, as a result, the victim’s weight starts to decrease.

10.Cold extremities

By having cold hands and feet, we do not mean to reduce the bleeding or fall below the body temperature, but in this condition, the body temperature of the victim remains the same as the normal person, but still,, his hands are cold. is.

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