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How is vitamin C helpful in fighting COVID 19?

How is vitamin C helpful in fighting COVID 19? : The coronavirus has engulfed the entire world. Its cases are also increasing in India. Everyday new questions are arising in people’s minds. The rumors on social media and misconceptions are being published, which removes WHO has stepped up efforts.

How likely is infection after coronavirus recovery in patients?

  • So far, no satisfactory answer has been received as to whether a person once infected with the corona can recur.
  • Some scientists say that once an infection occurs, the human body develops immunity against it.
  • But there have been some cases in China in which people got re-infection a few weeks after being discharged from the hospital.
  • According to a study in China, so far only monkeys of a particular species have been successful in developing immunity against it.

Is there a greater risk of corona infection in patients battling or recovering from cancer?

  • According to senior oncologist Tapaswini Pradhan, as of now, the risk of the corona is 10 times higher than the normal virus. However, its effect is less in 80 percent of cancer patients.
  • Also, life risk is also low, but it can cause 18 percent more harm in people over 80 years of age. People with diabetes-2, heart disease, asthma, and immunosuppressive therapy require special attention.
  • According to an analysis published in ‘Lancet Oncology’, the risk of its serious effects in cancer patients is five times higher than in normal people.
  • Due to the side effects of the disease or therapy, the immunity of the patients is weakened, which increases the risk of infection. This should be taken care of in cases of patients recovering from cancer.
  • Depending on the nature and structure of the virus, methods to deal with it are currently being adopted. Being more contagious than influenza, it is necessary to maintain a constant social distance and adopt good hygiene habits.
  • Since this virus is new and is not currently a vaccine or anti-viral antidote, it is very important to strengthen your immunity. Take special care of your food and drink.
  • Patients battling or recovering from cancer may have trouble recovering from it. It is better that they save themselves. If infected or apprehensive, stay separate.
  • Wear masks The people who are taking care of them also wear masks. There are currently no facts related to the need to stop or replace chemotherapy.
  • Similarly, prophylactic antiviral therapy also has no role. Chloroquine, lopinavir have also not been proven to be prophylactic.

What is the role of Vitamin C in boosting immunity?


Vitamin C helps immune system?

  • The body’s resistance system plays a big role in protecting against external and internal diseases. By keeping food and drink right, we can strengthen the body’s resistance.
  • Dr. According, Vitamin-C helps protect against cold, keeps the skin healthy, which acts as detrimental to external harmful substances and viruses. Some studies say that vitamin C also helps white blood cells fight infection.
  • Its anti-bacterial properties are quite effective in reducing the effects of infection. Vitamin-C also helps in making the body a natural antioxidant. Taking at least 200 mg of vitamin-C regularly can reduce the risk of respiratory infections.
  • The maximum limit is 2000 mg. Excess of this may cause diarrhea and stones. Men should take vitamin-C 90 mg and women 75 mg.
  • Karanda; Citrus fruits such as lemon, orange, mousambi, tomato, kiwi; Green and red chilies, and green leafy vegetables are rich in vitamin-C.
I am very fond of eating fish and meat. Do I have to avoid these days or do I have a problem eating them?
  • These days, every effort is being made to protect against Corona. It is being said those non-veg eaters should not eat meat until they are overcome by the horror of Corona.
  • Trends such as ‘Stop eating meat’ and ‘No meat no coronavirus’ have also been seen on Twitter. Dr. of the Department of Pulmonary Medicine at All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Delhi.
  • As far as meat or food is concerned, there is no conclusive evidence. But as a precaution, avoiding raw meat is also a good idea, especially in India. It is usually better to eat cooked meat.
  • Till now no such advice has been given that eating meat should be avoided, but it should be cooked well.

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