Heart attack: Symptoms, Causes, and Prevention:

Heart attack symptoms:

Heart attack: Symptoms,causes and Prevention:

1 Chest discomfort – This is one of the symptoms responsible for a heart attack. Any type of chest discomfort can make you prone to a heart attack. Pressure or burning sensation especially in the chest. Also, if you experience some chest changes or discomfort, consult your doctor immediately.

2 Fatigue – Being tired without any hard work or work can also be a knock of heart attack. When the heart arteries are closed or narrowed due to cholesterol, then the heart needs to work harder, which soon causes fatigue. In such a situation, even after getting a good amount of sleep at night, you feel lethargic and tired, and you feel the need for sleep or rest during the day.

3 Inflammation – When the heart has to work hard to deliver blood to all the internal organs of the body, the veins swell and their chances of swelling increase. Its effect is seen especially in the form of swelling in the toes, ankles and other parts of the foot. It sometimes includes blue on the surface of the lips.


4.Continuation of winter – Continuation of prolonged cold or related symptoms also indicates heart attack. When the heart works harder to circulate blood to the internal organs of the body, then the chances of blood secreted into the lungs increases. White or pink colored mucus along with phlegm in winter can be caused by blood secreted into the lungs.

5 Dizziness – When your heart becomes weak, the circulation of blood through it is also limited. In such a situation, oxygen does not reach the brain as per the requirement, which causes problems such as constant dizziness or lightening of the head. This is a serious symptom responsible for a heart attack, which you should focus on immediately.

6 Apart from these, if you feel any change or decrease in breathing, it can also be a symptom of a heart attack. When the heart is not able to do its work properly, oxygen cannot reach the lungs as much as is needed. Because of this there is difficulty in breathing. If something similar happens to you too, then please see the doctor without delay.

Note: In case of any of these 6 symptoms, you should see your doctor immediately or get advice as soon as possible…

Heart Attack Causes, Prevention:

What are the causes of heart attack

Often people also seek ayurvedic remedy to avoid heart attack. So let’s tell you ways to avoid heart attack –

Heart Attack Causes And Prevention:

  • Heart attack does not age. If you see this problem as it is getting bigger, then many cases are missed even at the age of 30 years. Because nowadays heart attack has become very common.
  • In many cases, cases of this disease were also seen while sleeping. In such a situation, it is important to know what to do in case of a heart attack.
  • Often people also seek ayurvedic remedy to avoid this disease.

First of all, understand what can happen due to heart attack (Causes) and ways to avoid it-

Causes And Prevention :

  • Don’t take stress and tension. Stress is said to be the cause in most of the heart attack cases reported at an early age. Stress affects the brain in many ways. It affects heartbeat and functioning. You can meditate or meditate to stay away from stress. Stress or stress can also be overcome with yoga or exercise.
  • Heart attack can also be called a lifestyle gift. Because by adopting an active lifestyle, you can avoid it to a great extent.
  • Obesity or increased weight is dangerous for your heart. So keep your weight under control. Increased weight or obesity increases the likelihood of high cholesterol, which can lead to diabetes, risk of arterial disease, and blood pressure. Also keep an eye on BMI (body mass index) and maintain it to the appropriate level.
  • Increased cholesterol levels may increase the risk of heart attack. If cholesterol level is higher than normal, then it is not good for your heart. This increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases (CVD). Increased cholesterol in the body increases the risk of heart off. So take care of your diet i.e diet.
  • High blood pressure or diabetes can also cause heart attack. High BP means increased blood pressure affects the nerves. It directly affects the heart. High blood pressure, i.e high BP also affects the arteries, which can increase the risk of heart off.

Good Food Habits For Healthy Heart

Heart attack: Symptoms,causes and Prevention:
Healthy food
  1. Eat as much as the body needs. Do not eat refined flour. Increase the amount of vegetables and fruits in the diet.
  2. Try to eat homemade food, which is full of nutrition. In this also, keep in mind that you choose the right vegetable, spices, smoothies and recipe. Do not fill spices and oil in it to make the food tasty. May reduce the amount of harmful substances such as salt and sugar.
  3. Control the amount of salt. Eating too much salt increases blood pressure. Due to which the chances of getting many diseases in the heart also increases.
  4. Do not over cook the vegetables. If you use more oil and spices then obesity can increase. Try cooking by boiling or in less oil. Always eat fresh food.
  5. Strong pulses – grains, vegetables such as carrots, tomatoes, etc. have non – soluble fiber. Oatmeal, beans, greed, dried fruits and fruits such as apples, lemons, pears, pineapples etc. have soluble fiber.

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