Heart attack first aid

Heart attack first aid: These days, heart problems are constantly increasing among people. Heart attack has emerged as a common problem nowadays.

This means that this heart failure and heart attack can happen to anyone today. The biggest reason behind this is the blockage of your arteries or stop working of your heart.

Heart attack first aid
Heart attack first aid

Why would this happen? Perhaps this question will be on your mind so far. The biggest reason for this is your poor lifestyle, which weakens your heart and your artistry. A layer of plaque accumulates in your arteries which prevents your blood circulation.

Due to which your heart is able to pump very little blood or if the arteries are blocked, your heart puts more pressure and it bursts. This problem can happen to anyone. At times, it also proves fatal to people.

If the victim gets CPR or a doctor on time, then the victim’s life can be saved, if not found, life is lost. And no one knows when this is going to happen to him or anyone. In such a situation, you must know about the CPR technique to deal with this emergency. Which is very effective in saving the life of the victim.

We had a special conversation about this with Fitness Expert Praveen Kumar, Praveen is the Fitness Manager of Sports Education Development Australia in India. Apart from this, he has done M.Phill in physical education. Also, Praveen Tykondo has Gold Medalists. How to give CPR in case of a heart attack? Praveen told us many important things about it, which you can save your life by following.

In an emergency, this may allow the victim to identify CPR

Heart attack or heart failure as:

It is often very difficult to identify the condition of heart attack or heart failure. By understanding, you are so late that the victim’s life is lost from your hand. In such a situation, you have to always keep in mind that by putting your fingers near his nose to see if he is breathing. Hold your fingers in his fingers and see if he is holding your fingers?

In this, the most important thing is to see his carotid pulse by deepening his two fingers on the neck under his Jaw. Is his pulse 70-75 beats per minute or not? Or less than that? If it is less then you have to give it an immediate CPR.

Heart attack first aid

What is CPR?

  • Often in your mind, it would be thought that in the event of a heart attack, what should be done immediately so that someone can save their own life.
  • Often you have heard the doctors saying that perhaps if you had brought them a little earlier, their life could have been saved.
  • The Cardiac pulmonary resistance (CPR) technique is used to avoid this. Its name itself clearly shows that it is connected to your heart.

Most people also know it as a life saving technique. It is used in the event of a sudden heart attack or heart failure. Any person who has a heart attack or has stopped working, if CPR is given to him at the right time, his chances of survival are increased.

At the same time, if it is not found at the right time, then it can be killed. If you have a heart attack in front of you or someone in front of you, in this situation you have to face the situation without panic.

Heart attack first aid

How is it given?

Heart attack first aid
  • In the event of a heart attack, many things have to be kept in mind while giving CPR. From which, if you have taken care of these major things, then your efforts are successful. If you have missed, then your attempt may also fail.
  • While giving CPR, the first thing to do is to compress between the lines between the two chests 5-6 cm, slightly above the nipple of the victim’s chest.
  • If you compress the victim’s chest beyond this limit, then there is a possibility of breaking his ribs and entering the heart. That is why you do not have to press too deeply while giving CPR.
  • While giving CPR, you have to keep in mind that your elbow should not bind your elbow at all. You have to keep both your arms straight. You have to lie on the floor with Victim on his back and keep both his arms and legs straight. After that you have to give him CPR.

How often is CPR given?

  • According to CPR experts, whenever you are stuck in such an emergency situation and you have to give CPR, then you have to take care that you give 30 times compression to the victim.
  • Immediately after this you have to give him breath through your mouth twice. You have to do this 5 times. After every 30 chest compression, you have to give 2 breaths in every condition.
  • For this you have to apply your mouth to his mouth. In this, you have to keep his nose closed. If you are giving CPR and you feel that apart from this you do not need anyone, then you are wrong.

In such an emergency, first of all you should call the doctor or ambulance. Until the doctor arrives, you have to give CPR to the victim to save his life. This means that your primary goal is to call the doctor.

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